Bedford Classic Limestone


Size Range:  12″ -36″ H x 12″-48″x 1.25″ – defined.
Finish : Smooth  / Honed / Sandblasted / Hand Pitched
Edging : Smooth Sawn / Slotted for anchoring / Channel
Color : Full Color Blend / Buff / Grey


Complies with ASTM C568/C568M
Type II (Medium Density) Classification

  1. Variety:  Bedford Limestone
  2. Absorption by Weight:  7.5 maximum percentage; ASTM C97/C97M.
  3. Density:  135 lbs/cu ft (2160 kg/cu m), minimum; ASTM C97/C97M.
  4. Compressive Strength:  4000 psi (28 MPa), minimum; ASTM C170/C170M.
  5. Modulus of Rupture:  700 psi (3.4 MPa), minimum; ASTM C99/C99M.

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Natural Stone Veneer
Off White Tones, Grey Tones, Sawn Ends, Chopped, SplitFace, Smooth , Sandblasted, Rockfaced, Pitched, Honed, Bushhammered Finish, Brushed, Sawn Face

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