Global Stone Resource offers a full line of informational and educational options.

PK’s  ( Product Knowledge )
Focused on a specific project need or new product line.
Your librarian or office manager can work with us to decide what is compiled for our PK session.

AIA – Accredited CEU Programs
Program outlines offering full Units of Education.
Focus is on specific production of an overall product’s production and use.

Wisconsin Limestone

New England Granite

Texas Limestone

Texas Sandstone

Indiana Limestone

Slimline Stone

Timberline Wood Series

Stackledstone Panels

Paving Stone Series

Customized PKWisconsin Limestone - CEUNew England Granite - CEUTexas Limestone - CEUTexas Sandstone - CEUSlimline Stone - CEUTimberline Wood Series- PKStackledstone Panels - PKPaving Stone Series - PK